Core Technical

This category of services, which constitutes a substantial volume and mainstay of our receivables, is designed to meet highly technical and seemingly complicated legal requirements in a free enterprise economy with extensive potential in areas such as Shipping/Admiralty; Information Communication Technology (ICT)/ Telecommunications; and Energy (Oil and Gas).

In response to the pacesetting trend of the aforementioned, the existing or contemplated legislation in relation to local content (Cabotage Act, [ie, for shipping]; Local Content and Petroleum Industry legislations) as well as the huge risks and capital intensive exposure of our clients in these sectors, our resources have been tailored and perfected to provide our clients with timely, critically-articulated and proactive advisory with an infinitesimal (if any) margin for error, thus further embellishing our already extensive advisory experience in shipbuilding and finance; carriage of goods by sea/air; acquisition of rights and other permits for exploration and production; exploration and production contracts as well as other upstream and downstream undertakings; turn-key contracts for design, building and operation of telecommunications network etc.

It is often an unfortunate anomaly of underutilisation when a foreign ship owner is unable to maximise an opportunity to offer his vessel for the carriage of crude derivatives because of the seeming local content restrictions. We provide clarity and direction to enable our clients maximise the potential in such resources.